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Kerecis was established in 2009 as a research project based in Isafjordur, Iceland. The company started commercial operations in 2013.

The company is headquartered in Isafjordur and manufactures its products there. The company also has offices in Reykjavikand, Iceland, and in Arlington, Virginia, near Washington, D.C.

Kerecis is privately held by Icelandic, American, British, and French shareholders. About half of the shareholders are the original founders of the business, and private investors and family funds hold the remaining shares.

Kerecis is participating in several U.S. Department of Defense-funded projects. The company is committed to developing better remedies for injured American servicemen and women, who have suffered an increase in the number of serious, life-threatening burn wounds in the shift away from traditional combat settings.

The Kerecis technology is patented in the United States and multiple other countries.

Kerecis is actively seeking future licensing and distribution partners, while focusing on product development, intellectual property protection, and clinical tests. Ideal potential technology licensees will have the ability to launch these proprietary devices in markets around the world.


Enabling a longer life and more sustainable existence for all species on Earth.


Our vision at Kerecis is to become a world leader in tissue regeneration by providing products that help heal chronic wounds and damaged tissue, among other applications. The innovative Kerecis technologies are based on fish tissue and its components.

Company History

Kerecis was established as a medical device/biotech company in 2009 and completed its seed round ($700K) in early 2010. The company closed its “A” round ($4MM) at the end of 2011, with commitments fully paid in February 2014. The company closed its “B” round in 2016 ($3MM).